Stage-Gate Process

R&D Field

- EV-Power train

- IoT Embedded system

- BLDC Motor driver

- BMS (Battery Management System)

- LTE module application

- APP.(Android, IOS)

- Mechanical Design

- Control algorithm

Main Reference

- 2019.01. Patent registration of electric scooter control method

- 2019.10. Patent registration for electric scooter control device and method

- 2020.09. Patent registration for fixed module and foldable electric scooter

- 2020.06. Patent application for electric wheelchair control device

- 2020.06. Patent application for foldable electric wheelchair

- 2019.08. Development of variable torque distribution BLDC motor controller

- 2019.07. Development of BLDC motor control driver through Gyro sensor and 6AXISensor

- 2019.11. Development of IoT BMS (12V, 90A) and Application

- 2019.11. Development of Portable Air Dryer (BLDC Motor)

- 2020.06. Development of Joystick-type BLDC motor controller and BLE transmission DATA Monitoring Application

- 2020.06. Development of Foldable electric chair structure

- 2020.11 ~ Development of open type BLDC HW, Firmware, LTE module application

- 2020.11 ~ Development of subsidiary materials for automatic fire extinguishing of battery packs using nano capsules

- 2020.11 ~ Development of 100W class POWER BANK with PD3.0

Modular Smart BMS

 Modular Smart BMS

 • Real-time monitoring of battery module status in master-slave method

 • Check charging status, cell balancing information, and battery alarm history

 • Prevents malfunction of battery module BMS by performing additional operation function in master BMS 

 • Improvement of maintainability by master-slave method. 

 • Securing capacity variability and flexibility through modularization

 • Application of touch LCD for user convenience

All-whell Drive Control

Development of 370V, 50KW class 4-Wheel Inwheel Motor Torque Vectoring Control Technology

Development of  72V, MAX 3,500W x 2EA class in-wheel motor for electric motorcycles and electric scooters

Launching electric scooter for leisure with our controller ('21 May)

Application of Two-wheeler anti-slip traction control safety technology